Dew drops in full bloom

Dew Drops

“Forget not that the earth delights to play with your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair”

~Khalil Gibran

Winters are my favourite season of the year. The feeble sunlight coupled with the early morning haze offers a quaint charm to New Delhi. All I feel like doing is snuggling in a blanket on my balcony with a hot cuppa of coffee and enjoy the surreal surroundings.

It was one such beautiful winter morning. As I returned home from the morning gym session—tired and sweating– my adorable friend Lyka (my Labrador) decided to bring her leash to me indicating a stroll. All those who have a pet might sympathise with me here. It is almost impossible to ignore them especially if they have their leash in their mouths. They look so adorable and gullible that refusal can never be the part of the bargain. Hence, my second work out session of the day began.  As I was nearing the park, next to my house, my heart skipped a beat when I noticed this captivating beauty. It appeared that the dew drops clung to the lush green grass, never wanting to let go—almost reluctant for the nature’s cycle to take over and consequently evaporate. The lush green colour of the grass and individuality of every distinct drop made such a composition that I couldn’t resist but capture the beauty.

 It is said that walking bare feet early in the morning on grass can do wonders for health. Well, given the irresistible composition of the shot, I wonder who would want to walk on the grass and spoil the essence of nature—except my beautiful friend, Lyka. She decided to almost molest the sheer beauty, except that by then I had thankfully captured it. Yet again I was stunned by the divine beauty of nature- the way it snakes into your thoughts and helps you evolve as a human being. That day, that very moment I realized that nothing, absolutely nothing is permanent in this world. The beauty lies within and in every moment we live. The idea should be to cherish each of these.

 I end here but will be back with more memories.

 Until then,

Celebrate Life…!!