Sunrise in Banaras


It was 2012, Banaras- a mesmerizing city which portrays the perfect blend of east and west. A unique city which is thronged by people from all parts of the world. Some come to attain enlightenment, some to experience spirituality and some to capture ‘Indian’ culture in their digital memories.

The atmosphere back then was full of diverse cultures and colors more so because it was the time of Maha Kumbh- a festival that happens once in 12 years. Interestingly, it is said that Maha Kumbh is the only festival which, given the magnanimity of the crowd is visible from space.

The conglomeration of a diverse set of tourists also gave me the opportunity to interact with several nationalities. For instance I met a French woman Fiona who told me that she is on a six month long vacation only to explore India. She had already spent a month there learning the ‘Indian’ culture. Although this is beside the point, I think somewhere in my heart I was intrigued by the fact that India as a culture fascinates one and all.

Anyway, coming back to the photo(s), it was one early morning when I walked up the empty street towards the ghat to soak the first ray of the sun. To my surprise there were already few boatmen doing the early morning rounds which gave me the perfect shot –the golden sun, sun kissed waters and the people in perfect harmony. I wish life was this simple, where we all lived in a utopian world; where everyone and everything lives harmoniously with each other. But as they say, you move on and find solace anyway. I found mine on the banks of river Ganga in Banaras. The joy of just watching the sun rise and spreading its tender warmth on us lesser mortals deepened my realization that the beauty of life lies in simplicity.

Shall be back with more posts soon.

Till then,

Celebrate Life…!!